Sunday, September 4, 2011

Car Donation helps needy family

When we met this family, the father was out of work and they were living in a disabled car on the streets of Portland. Through Our Peaceful Place's help, we got them into housing in Gresham and the father into a part-time job as an auto wrecker in Tigard. However, this meant he was spending several hours a day on Max and Trimet to get there.

One of our Board of Directors had a car that was reaching the end of it's useful life- a Mercedes with 300,000 miles on it and a broken transmission. Knowing that the car was worth at least several thousand in parts alone, he donated it to this family. Little did he know that as a mechanic, the father would repair the car, and start using it as his commuting vehicle! The father of this family is now commuting much easier down 205, spending 45 minutes for his commute vs the 2 hours each way Trimet would take. Thank you to Bill Mumford for donating this car!

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