Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Become a regular supporter

This article reminded me why Barb Lescher does what she does. Our Peaceful Place has modest needs. 88 people giving $25/month through our website would fund us. In this recession, we're down to less than 1/8th of the number of regular donors we need. The people we help- for a day, for a moment- are the poorest of the poor in America. Each one of them is a human barometer telling us that something is deeply wrong here: with our legal system, our housing programs, our mental health care system. There is something wrong with our priorities, our economy, us. There is something deeply wrong with us when people stand in the cold and rain, in public with their personal dislocation and shame. It is too painful, too humiliating, to dehumanizing. And, truth be told, for most of us, if we lost two or three paychecks, it could be us out there. That is why Barb does what she does. So reach into your heart, into your budget. Visit our website today. Click on the Donate Now Button- and sign up for monthly donations taken out of your credit or debit card. Because, for most of us- if we lost two or three paychecks, we'd be right under that bridge as well.

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