Sunday, January 6, 2013

It is a New Year

And with the fears of the fiscal cliff over, why not consider giving out of your surplus to people who have nothing? There are people who will be sleeping on the streets of Portland tonight; as the temperature dips. A pair of socks goes a long way in the wet and wild winters of northwestern Oregon; and that is where Barb comes in.

Not all of us can do what Barb does, walking the streets. Whether it is that we do not have the physical ability to do so, or the time while taking care of our families, or even the knowledge necessary to know who to help, Barb can be our stand in.

As Sustaining Circle Member Bonnie Owens writes: "I know that Our Peaceful Place provides very necessary services to the homeless. I'd like to volunteer, however I can't physically walk the streets due to bolts in my foot and a brace on my leg so I donate monthly to help provide the funds needed so she can continue the great work of OPP".

Please consider becoming a sustaining circle member today! You can even use your bank's Bill Pay system to automate your giving, Bank of America has provided a special account at routing #123000220 and account #153658912982. Or you can go to Our Peaceful Place webpage and make a one time donation through the Network for Good. Or alternatively, you can simply send a check to Our Peaceful Place, PO Box 3093 Clackamas, OR 97015

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