Friday, July 13, 2012

Victims of Drive-By-Shooting about to be evicted

Back in February, we were all shocked to hear of Two men who had contact with Barb from time to time were shot at random in a drive by shooting. After they got out of the hospital, another organization put them up in an apartment for 3 months, thinking that one of them would be getting disability soon. That three months has passed, and for want of a $650 rent check, these men now have until Monday, July 16th before they are evicted- one of them still recovering from his wounds. You can contact Barb at 503-295-7774, or click on the Donate Now Network for Good button to the right of this article. ---- UPDATE: Barb has paid for this out of her own pocket. Donations still gratefully accepted towards this cause, but the men are safe in their apartment for another month.